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Send Print Download added: Katarzyna Pieniążek | 2015-11-11 09:55:52

Cooperation offer: AC SA - manufacturer of automotive LPG/CNG systems

AC SA is a Polish leader and also an important world's manufacturer of automotive LPG/CNG systems under the STAG brand. AC SA has been operating in the automotive market for more than 27 years and currently is the largest company in the segment of autogas installations in Poland. AC SA has more than 65% shares in the Polish market, one of the biggest worldwide. AC SA offers more than 200 autogas products.

The key business segments of AC SA are gas systems, but the offer of the company also includes parts and components used in the automotive industry. The sales structure of individual components in the Company's offer is as follows:

AutoGas products intended for automotive gas systems (for sequential injection, gasoline direct injection, diesel);

Wire harnesses for the needs of the automotive industry - applied mainly in kits for towing hooks ;

Auto parts - AC SA also offers its clients a wide range of its own automotive components and accessories;

The Company offers safe, cost effective, and environment friendly solutions. The policy followed by the Company focuses on the principal objective, which is: customer satisfaction by supplying top quality innovative products.

For our customers we provide marketing and technical support and professional training. We are looking for a long-term partner to cooperate on the autogas market.

AC is looking for business partners in Emirates to establish cooperation regarding CNG(NGV) or LPG conversion kit or automotive parts –share our experience and deliver high quality technology.. Our cooperation is based on 2 markets: OEM (0km-brand new ) and aftermarket.


-distributors of CNG(NGV) systems which have sales structure

-importers of CNG (NGV) or LPG products from other countries

-manufacturers of CNG parts - we can extend their offer with AC products to customers (use their network/connections) to propose full system to covert vehicle


OEM (new cars):

-system integrators-there are companies that cooperate with many suppliers to create full conversion kit (set) –like AC products+ local products (CNG cylinder)+other. It is delivered to car manufacturer and installed on production line

-directly car manufacturers or departments responsible for conversions

-dealers of vehicle –they can convert vehicle by themselves before sealing to customer(not production like but dealer center).

Company name





Name: Marek Nowakowski

Position: Business Development Manager


Telephone/Mobile: +48 669 99 99 67



pdf | 2.98 MB

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