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Send Print Download added: Katarzyna Pieniążek | 2015-11-16 13:45:32
industry, machines, devices

Cooperation offer: ZUPBADURA - producer of machines and devices

Our two production halls are adapted to producing complicated steel constructions, machines and equipment for needs of oil, energy and shipbuilding market. We offer comprehensive fabrication of devices based on entrusted doccumentation under supervision of classification societies according to requirements of our clients.


We express our flexibility in individual approach to client and each type of product. We are open to any clients order. Thanks to our vast range of regular cooperators we provide implementation of processes such as hot dip galvanizing, plating or phosphating. Providing all­round implementation of the product, we provide a number of services, such as packaging or shipping a product to the Customer. A wide range of manufacturing capabilities allows us to do large and small orders related to production services, such as: plasma and gas firing all kinds of sheet metal and metal profiles, twisting sheet metal or welding according to the newest methods.

ZUPBADURA makes machines and devices for industries:

Offshore: Devices and machines installed on drilling platforms such as: Travelling Block, Crown Block, Mousehole, Iron Roughneck, Elevated Backup Tong, Winch and such,

Sea: Decompression chambers, cranes,

Energy: Heat exchangers, condensers, parts for turbines,

Construction: Steel constructions, drums,

Shipbuilding: Cranes and winches,


Subsea and others according to our client expectations.

Company name


Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością

spółka komandytowa

ul. Kliczkowska 48

58-100 Świdnica





Name: Honorata Obałka



Telephone/Mobile: 748 563 437


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