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Food sector in Poland

Send Print Download added: Katarzyna Crompton | 2016-03-06 09:19:14
agriculture, food

The food industry in Poland for a few years has been undergoing unusually rapid growth.


The food industry in Poland for a few years has been undergoing unusually rapid growth. The main reasons for this trend are – other than Poland’s accession to the European Union which resulted in foreign trade recovery – primarily high quality products and services offered at competitive prices and investments into the creation of technologically advanced production platforms.

Polish agriculture, largely based on family farms, combines tradition with modernity. In Poland, farms use only low levels of mineral fertilizers and plant protection products, so the natural environment and landscape are not adversely affected. On the other hand, the machinery used in the food industry in Poland is among the most technologically advanced in Europe. As a result, Polish food products are wholesome and healthy.

Competitiveness analysis of Polish food producers indicates a fairly high position of Polish manufacturers in the European Union and international markets. The most competitive sectors of Polish food industry are: meat, fruit and vegetables, confectionary, secondary processing of crops and production of tobacco products. The competitive advantages result first and foremost from qualitative and cost and price advantages.

The main destinations of Polish exports are:

  • Poultry meat: Germany, UK, Czech republic, France,
  • Dairy products: Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, the Netherlands, Rusia,
  • Beef: Italy, the Netherlands, Turkey, Germany,
  • Chocolate and chocolate products: UK, Germany, Russia,
  • Biscuits, waffles, bread, pastry, cakes and cookies: Germany, Czech Republic, UK, Hungary,
  • Fruit and vegetable juices: Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, UK,
  • Frozen fruit (mainly raspberries, strawberries, cherries): Germany, the Netherlands, France, Belgium.

The popularity of Polish products is evidenced by the success of Polish apples in the world: Poland is on the 1st position in the world in the exports of apples, 2nd position in the production of concentrated apple juice and 4th position in the production of apples.

Made in Poland stands for high quality, excellent taste, health and competitive prices.

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