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Digital entertainment sector in Poland

Send Print Download added: Katarzyna Crompton | 2016-06-28 08:10:43
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Video games sector have been gaining foreign markets

For the last few years, Polish video games have been gaining foreign markets. They are not only the engine of progress for the entire sector, but also play an important role in shaping it. In 2015, the value of the domestic game production market exceeded USD 390 mln (runner-up in Europe). Polish games are greatly appreciated by stock market investors, and they have been winning major industry awards. For some people, they are also a source of great national pride. 
While in 2012 there were approximately 150 companies today there are more than 300 entities. It must be remembered that the industry, both globally and in Poland is still characterized by a highly fragmented and the vast majority of developers are small companies with annual revenues not exceeding a few hundred thousand. In turn approximately 90% of nationwide turnover is generated by only a few companies: CD PROJECT, Techland, CI Games, Artifex Mundi, 11 bit studios, Vivid Games, Bloober Team, The Farm 51.
Polish market value is approximately 0.5% of the global market of, according to various estimates, USD 80 - 100 billion. This means the gaming industry has already distanced the film industry. As for Poland - even though we are only half a percent of the shares in the world - is of extremely valuable interest. We do create and spend the best games that titles often open all the rankings, eg., Our flagship title - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Wiedźmin), has already received more than 250 titles of the best games of the year and more than 550 other awards in various categories and on different lists. No other game can boast such a success. It is worth to remember that the market for games is very seasonal - in recent years the sector noted in Poland revenues, on average, of approximately USD 100 mln and last year.
By all means, the games market will certainly grow. At the same time it evolves from the inside. While a few years ago dominated the game console, PC, today is rapidly increasing share of mobile games and social networks. Another hit is to be VR or virtual reality, in which the games industry fits perfectly. Generally, new trends introduced year-on-year driven by our market - there are new media, new platforms and new ways to reach customers.
All those who are interested in close collaboration with the whole sector are advised to get in touch with 3 polish countrywide video games associations:
National Chamber of Digital Economy – author of the report titled “Digital Entertainment in Poland” - attached along with an executive summary. Website:, email contact:,
Association of Polish Games (SPG)
SPG was founded in 2015. It focuses mainly on the largest producers of video games in the country, such as CD Projekt, Techland, CI games, Vivid Games, The Farm 51, Artifex Mundi, People Can Fly, 11 bit studios and Flying Wild Hog. Working in close cooperation with the National Research and Development Centre, SPG coordinates the work of the Sector Programme GameINN, which stimulates research and development in the production of video games. 
The mission of SPG is the development and improvement of the competitiveness of the Polish video game sector in the international arena. The video games produced and developed in Poland by SPG member companies are among the largest and most recognised in the world of video games. Email contact:
Foundation Indie Games Poland (IGP)
IGP was founded in 2015.  They work for the largest group of Polish video game producers, and this means micro and small enterprises with high growth potential. In cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Development, the foundation actively operates to promote Polish artists at the biggest events both in the country (Poznan Game Arena Game Industry Conference, etc.) and abroad (PAX Gamescom, etc.). 
Also within the scope of the foundation is the organization of conferences and seminars to broaden the skills of producers and promoters, and the promotion of video games as an equal participant in the market of culture. Foundation Indie Games Poland is the largest and the best representative of Polish video games. Email contact:


2016 Polish Games Market 1.0 1
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