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Invest in Start-up firms in Poland

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Invest in Start-up

 On March 23rd, 2016 the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ) of Poland and the Ministry of Development of Poland signed a cooperation agreement with two leading start-up organisations in Poland:

  1. Startup Hub Poland:, contact email:
In cooperation with the ministry and the organizations PAIiIZ conducted an extensive selection process of the best Polish start-ups and companies who started their activities as start-ups. Keeping in mind the business needs and interests of the UAE market, we do present the names of 29 best start-up companies and their contact details below:
-  Saule Technologies
-  NanoSanguis
-  SenShell
-  Audioteka Info
-  DeskDooPitch
-  Bin.e   kuba@bine.world1
-  Emerald Air
-  Gastro View
-  Linteri
-  Migam
-  myWhizzy
-  NanoThea
-  Tutlo
-  Spiropharm
-  Udrive
-  Biot Tech Consulting
-  Nestmedic
In the meantime the Ministry of Development of Poland has presented the new programme for young innovative companies called: Start-in Poland. This will be the biggest start-up accelerating programme in the whole Central and Eastern Europe of the value in the region of USD 800 mln.
As a part of the Start-in Poland, the company will receive assistance not only in the incubation and business acceleration, but also during the further development and international expansion. The Ministry expects that over the next seven years, 1,500 new high-tech companies basing on design, IT and engineering solutions will be developed in Poland and ready to compete in foreign markets.
The Start-in Poland programme opens Polish large companies, including State-owned ones to stat-ups by investing in them. Under the programme the experts will look for Polish and CEE talents, know-how and innovations that can be implemented in the State-owned companies. Both, young entrepreneurs from the region will be recruited in the formula of the contests
The Start-in Poland programme is a part of the Responsible Development Plan (attached below) that was adopted by the government on the 16 February 2016. The plan is a set of tools to make the development of Poland more dynamic. These are actions that will result in a positive and high-quality expansion of the Polish economy. There will be macro solutions, the effects of which will be felt on a micro scale.
All in all the objectives of the government for 2020 include:
• increase in investment to over 25% of the GDP;
• increase in the share of R&D expenditure to 2% of the GDP;
• increase in the number of medium-sized and large enterprises to over 22 000;
• more Polish foreign direct investment (increase by 70%);
• growth of industrial production exceeding the GDP growth;
• GDP per capita of Poland at the level of 79% of the EU average.


ResponsibleDevelopmentPlan 2
pdf | 4.28 MB

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