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Polish sculpture decorates the surroundings of Dubai’s famous Burj Khalifa

Wyślij Print Pobierz added: Moneer Faour | 2018-02-13 08:11:36
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As of December 2017, an intriguing city installation has surrounded The Dubai Fountain, shimmering with colours at night next to Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. The design presents a combination of 14 dandelions, constituting the contrasting and strongly European element of the futuristic landscape of the city. The project was implemented by Mirek Struzik, a Polish sculptor and author of many installations in public space across Poland and around the world.

Burj Khalifa, located at the junction of two big arterial roads - Financial Center Road and Sheikh Zayed Road, is visited by tens of millions of tourists every year. This number increases in the autumn and winter months and around New Year's Eve, where people flock to thepopular Dubai Fountain and the Dubai Opera. Completion of the Polish installation coincided with UAE’s National Day and the high tourist season.

© Mirek Struzik

The Dandelions project was produced to order of EMAAR, Dubai’s leading-class real-estate developer., also known for public space arrangements. The sculpture is made of electropolished stainless steel, illuminated by LED RGB lamps. The maximum height of the individual elements is 7.2 m. The sculpture by Mirek Struzik is very popular, which can be attributed not only to the strategic location in the city, but also to the artistic concept, based on the contrast to the urban environment. In the artist's portfolio, the dandelion theme has been appearing several times - similar installations could already be seen in Błonie near Wrocław and during the Light Festival 2015 in Istanbul – now as a permanent exhibition.

- Such reference in proximity to the famous Dubai Fountain and Dubai Opera gives a great potential for development of cooperation with Polish designers in other locations in Dubai, throughout the UAE, as well as in neighboring countries - commented the head of the PAIH Foreign Trade Office in Dubai, Moneer Faour.


© Mirek Struzik

Read the interview with the author of the unique installation, Mr. Mirek Struzik.

1. You make various spatial sculptures. Why did you decide on the dandelion theme, what does it mean to you?

Mirek Struzik: Dandelions symbolize the lightness of nature. They reflect freedom, evanescence but also the rebirth, hence have a dual nature. Perhaps, in the hyperbolized version of artistic vision they will become a kind of visual impulse of deeper reflections on what really matters in life, especially in such a busy place as the global business center. It seems to me that the presence of a dandelion in the immediate vicinity of modern architecture, including Burj Khalifa, complements it well on the basis of so-called harmony of contrast.

2. What was the initiative of cooperation with EMAAR?

M.S.: Due to my experience in designing artistic installations in public space, I was invited by the gallery VISTO Images from New York to present my concept of dandelions for the Dubai investor EMAAR. To our satisfaction, the project was accepted, so I immediately started my work.

© Mirek Struzik


3. What are the plans for this particular installation?

M.S.: The sculpture was installed in Dubai for an indefinite period. I hope that it will be appreciated by the city's residents and will even win their hearts, becoming a popular meeting point.

4. What was the challenge for you in the project implementation?

M.S.: The very short deadline of less than 2 months for project completion and installation was challenging. It was a big venture, both in logistic and execution meaning.

5. What is the current perception of the sculpture in Dubai?

M.S.: Around 90 million tourists visit Burj Khalifa every year. From the time of installation in November 2017, we constantly receive nice feedback and exciting reactions - especially on social media such as Instagram and Facebook, where pictures of The Dandelions appear along favorable comments.

The floristic, illuminated landscape features please the eyes of Dubai’s visitors and residents. Poland’s Ministry of Economic Development appointed the Polish Investment and Trade Agency as the entity responsible for the preparation and organization of the Polish Pavilion during the Dubai 2020 World Expo. It will be the first global Expo in the MEASA region, promoted with the words: "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future".

Watch the making-of movie from the sculpture installation in Dubai:

Mirek Struzik - sculptor specializing mainly in the implementation of sculptures in public space, in architecture, in parks and gardens. He also carries out a small sculptural form (statuettes, busts, etc.). The inspiration for the artist is the human being and his surroundings. Among the completed projects are: a series of sculptures for the Botanical Garden of the University of Wroclaw, sculptures for the Futura Park - Wroclaw shopping center, Lubon, Kraków, for the sculpture park in Chicago and for the Zorlu Center in Istanbul, and recently the Burj Park in Dubai.


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