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PAIH EXPO 2018 - The First Polish International Business Support Forum

Wyślij Print Pobierz added: Moneer Faour | 2018-08-08 11:14:49
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In response to growing needs and ambitions of Polish business community – PAIH EXPO 2018 takes place on 25 Oct 2018 at the PGE Narodowy Stadium. Expanding network of international offices run by Polish Investment and Trade Agency is the key element of the new international business model under the governmental Strategy for Responsible Development.

One crucial need for an emerging economy is an in-depth and multidimensional education of enterprises on the subject of efficient foreign expansion, as well as instilling practical knowledge on how to operate in culturally diverse regions of the world. The main goal for PAIH EXPO this coming autumn is combining exhibition and educational functions together with providing the most complete picture of the offering directed to Polish companies (especially through the Agency's Foreign Trade Offices) in supporting their business activity and implementation of projects on foreign markets, in particular - outside Europe.
The target group for this project are Polish small and medium companies planning or already implementing foreign expansion. The scope of the event will focus on the following:
  • information about the market and priority sectors,
  • establishing business relations,
  • identifying potential partners,
  • identifying entry barriers,
  • business culture in the go-to market,
  • available support instruments.
As an unprecedented event, PAIH EXPO is designed to fill the gap in the education of national business community with regards to tools of administrative assistance for foreign expansion. In addition to a dose of solid and up-to-date knowledge, opportunities to share good practices, exchange of ideas contacts, PAIH EXPO strives to become a permanent fixture in Polish entrepreneurs’ schedules and be promoted to the role Polish foreign trade celebration day.
12 thematic pavilions designed along geographies will ensure professional and substantive presentation of each world region by local Foreign Trade Office experts. Additionally in the so-called Investment Pavilion our employees will share advise on the PAIH service package offered to investors.
Each country represented at the Forum will be covered by three published sector reports characterizing highest growth potential industry in a given country or region complemented by a comprehensive market guide. All workshops will be held in Polish language.
The event will culminate with PAIH EXPO Night including a music celebrity performance. Official accompanying ceremonies will also include the presence of the Poland's Prime Minister Mr. Mateusz Morawiecki.
PAIH EXPO is a pioneer investment and trading event that guarantees:
  • 12 thematic pavilions for the whole world
  • Availability of experts from 56 PAIH Foreign Trade Offices from all continents
  • Pavilion for Investors
  • 56 practical workshops
  • 168 sector reports and 56 market guides
  • Evening networking session - PAIH EXPO Night
  • Free participation


Pre-registration starts in second half of August.

The event is organized in cooperation with PFR Group.

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